Delivering Financial Transparency From The Ground Up

Companies increase their productivity and thus ensure their profitability. Current cost management applications are rigid in their methodology and lack the flexibility to adequately model the complexity of today’s diverse organizations. And without control and governance from your Finance department, disparate spreadsheet modeling from organizations competing for financial resources results in conflicting versions of true cost transparency. As costs are regularly reviewed and analyzed, executives have the ability to see how their employees affect consumption and how teams are performing. When staff knows that data is going to be seen and shared, it can lead to increased engagement and reduced unnecessary costs. Once numbers are reviewed on a routine basis, cost transparency can influence employees to notice services and software that isn’t beneficial. The next element of IT cost transparency is business system correlation.

Lack of confidence in ITFM processes fuels budget padding and a “use it or lose it” mindset that risks misalignment to business priorities. A continuous discipline of cost optimization shifts spend from operational costs to growth opportunities, increases financial agility and accelerates innovation. But too often, IT is seen as a cost center versus a business-aligned value center and is left out of critical strategic and financial conversations altogether. Not having a seat at the table when it comes to major business decisions can leave the IT team, and thus the company, at risk of missing critical business objectives due to insufficient budgets, cost overruns, and lack of alignment. Several months ago, a Cost Transparency Team first began manually comparing CMDB and financial data between the various systems to make sure any gaps in costs were taken care of.


In a business sector already full of buzzwords, talk of “cost transparency” and “cost optimization initiatives” rules the day. IT cost transparency is a branch of IT management that combines finance and management accounting principles with the acquisition, maintenance and deployment of IT products and services used by large and small organizations. Then benchmark your costs to the market and create a services view of IT cost so that you can drive it cost transparency software better decision-making both within IT and across the enterprise. Don’t wait for the perfect technology to be in place; create processes to immediately inject the data you have into planning and decision-making processes. One of the first steps towards IT cost transparency is to find the IT asset baseline. This is accomplished by performing a complete analysis of the number of IT assets that are chargeable and determining how they are used.

it cost transparency software

With most of the operations now depending on the IT infrastructure, CIOs find it difficult to optimize and devise frameworks for long-term financial changes in their organization. While the idea of decreasing costs is a huge draw to undergoing IT cost transparency, there are many other benefits to adopting a solid system, as well. There are multiple factors that must be considered when moving towards IT cost transparency and it is necessary for organizations to be properly informed of the main elements involved.

From Cost Visibility To Business Vision

An African tower company enhances its multi-country operations with ServiceNow and Quintica Q-OSS operations automation and Mobile Reach solution. Here I would like you to picture the principle of Total Cost of Ownership . When thinking of the TCO of an application, the usual approach is to consider the software license, and perhaps even the hardware that the application needs to be hosted on. Those that think about it more deeply may be reminded of the developers that maintain and possibly develop the application further. Rapidly establish your cost items and contracts from scratch or make changes in bulk by uploading your cost spreadsheets for thousands of cost items and contracts at once or integrate with your GL. Get the latest accounting, financial reporting, regulatory, and industry developments.

You can centrally monitor and track costs for each of your offices, departments & employees globally — both on an actual and historical basis. Both of these expenses will likely sit in the same part of the GL, on the same account line and probably in the same cost centre. IT cost transparency is designed to address this complexity, by establishing the products and services, what they cost and how they relate to each other. Robust, industrial strength cost model allows your organization to gather costing data based on allocation and utilization models tailored to their needs.

HealthCare.com® Raises $180 Million in Oversubscribed Financing Round Led by Oaktree – Valdosta Daily Times

HealthCare.com® Raises $180 Million in Oversubscribed Financing Round Led by Oaktree.

Posted: Mon, 13 Dec 2021 14:02:57 GMT [source]

It starts with a sketch—also referred to as a “wireframe”—that maps out what an ideal portal or information dashboard might look like if it were designed to answer critical questions the organization has identified. Once the wireframes are finalized, improvement teams can build a rapid working prototype of the visual analytic portal with real data that can answer real questions. However, Volk specified that the platform must demonstrate that it can reduce costs at scale without serving as yet another potential roadblock for software deployments and management on the cloud.

It gives them the confidence to communicate the reasons behind costs and their overall value to the company. Now, non-IT leaders can understand and analyze hypothetical scenarios to plan for new project ROI. For IT leaders, being able to have more leverage is a huge benefit of IT cost transparency as it allows them to more confidently communicate the reasons behind costs and their overall value to the company.

What Does It Cost Transparency Mean?

From opening markets in new territories, enhancing customer experience, and adding new capabilities, cost insights are key to driving these conversations. By tracking and reporting on the technology services that impact business, IT becomes a critical component of investment planning, which then drives IT’s annual budgets with more accuracy. Traditionally, cost management has been under the purview of finance teams or C-level executives “who needed a high-level aggregated view of cloud spend,” Doddala said. “Developers and DevOps teams did not have the context and visibility they needed to see and manage cloud costs related to their applications and microservices,” Doddala. How does an IT organization like ITsGuru determine the cost of its services? How does service cost intelligence help with strategic, portfolio, and project planning?

Gaining business insights is the very first step to optimize cost models. CIOs strategize and facilitate these improvements within the organization.

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As a recognised global thought leader in the field of digital, IT, and Service Management, David ensures the quality of our IP and delivery. Join the conversation on our interactive forum and network with other platform users. An easy-to-follow framework for implementing an effective IT Financial Management program in your organization. MagicOrange provides information that enables to articulate and defend the value IT brings to your organization. Demonstrate effectiveness and benefit of TBM and apply the model to all IT expenditures throughout the executive branch.

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  • It is also worth noting that while we are talking here of an IT cost transparency tool, few are equally effective at providing cost transparency across any number of other shared services as well.
  • Method meets business needs in a sophisticated manner does not mean that it will reduce complaints from users and business unit leaders.

The inability of consumers to effectively research and compare healthcare costs and quality is a barrier to achieving high health literacy and ultimately lowering costs. Because ITFT focuses on budgets aligned to investment strategies, cost optimization, and transparently exposing the true costs of business services, CIOs can use this to showcase the value of IT to the business, in terms the CFO can relate to. These deep insights illustrate where IT is critical to the overall success of the business. With ever-changing momentum in world markets, supply chain complexity is increasing – especially for global companies. With FACTON EPC, companies can achieve the highest levels of product cost transparency across all stages of the product lifecycle, despite all the challenges. As a result of clear costs, efficient processes and precise calculations, sound and forward-looking decisions are made in the shortest possible time.

Maximize Your It Cost Transparency With Serviceware Financial Management

To hit the sweet spot, organizations must empower their IT and IT Finance experts to summarize and analyze the data and augment it with other information with the goal of highlighting value as well as potential risks and opportunities. To align IT Spend to Business Objectives — all organizations need to ensure they are spending in support of critical objectives and IT spend is no exception. One of the most significant advantages of IT cost transparency windows server 2016 is that it offers a comprehensive view of where the money is being invested throughout the divisions. These assets might entail things such as; mobile devices networks, storage, employee workstation servers, and software. This baseline number must be precise and reflect the amount of money towards these assets entirely. What this means is that the figurative statistics from the asset and analysis baseline must be reasonable for action to take place.

it cost transparency software

Does the transparency of IT service costs increase the trust of IT by campus leadership? As budgets for IT are on the peak and the essentials of a reliable technology team boosts, as more organizations are understanding the compulsion of being honest about expenses, both- to staff and stakeholders. Harness says its Harness Cloud Cost Management platform serves as a business intelligence solution by implementing cost transparency across the software production and management cycle. According to Harness, the platform can reduce otherwise “wasted” cloud costs by up to 75% with its Intelligent Cloud AutoStopping and machine learning capabilities. Modern financial services enterprises understand the need to allocate costs accurately within a shared services environment, in order to make business units directly accountable for the services they consume.

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What Is It Cost Transparency?

Activities often occur organically within different areas of the IT organization, and are not managed centrally unless a cost reduction target is mandated. CIO Insight offers thought leadership and best practices in the IT security and management industry while providing expert recommendations on software solutions for IT leaders. It is the trusted resource for security professionals who need to maintain regulatory compliance for their teams and organizations. CIO Insight is an ideal website for IT decision makers, systems integrators and administrators, and IT managers to stay informed about emerging technologies, software developments and trends in the IT security and management industry. Almost all enterprises are now shifting towards digital business model and deploying IT-based resources for optimizing their business productivity.